California Roll
Yeah, try not to lick the screen.  It was definitely drool worthy!  I’ve dined at this particular Yard House multiple times and it dawned on me, why in the heck have I not given them my two cents?  To be honest, I was thrilled to hear that Yard House was opening a few locations in South Florida.  As a Californian, you see multiple Yard House’s all over California.  So to see Yard House here in South Florida was AMAZEBALLS!

Whenever I dine at Yard House, I tend to only order from the Snack and Appetizer menu.  Their Snacks and Appetizers portions are humongous — you definitely would think they were entrées.  Each dish that I order was to die for.  Sweet Potato Fries with maple bacon cream dip, was OMG.  I literally died and went to heaven.  The bacon cream dip was just WOW!  How can something fattening be so delicious, I mean I’m not counting the calories here, HA!  Hooray for skinny beeches. Ahi Poke

Ahi Poke Bowl- marinated raw ahi & avocado with carrots, daikon radish, macadamia nuts & crispy wontons.  I normally order mines without avocado (since I am allergic to it — I know BUMMER)!  This dish was pretty delicious, the fresh Ahi Tuna melted in my mouth.  The carrots and daikon radishes had a crunchy texture, indeed that was a perfect combination.


The Lobster, Crab & Artichoke Dip- maine lobster, blue crab, artichoke hearts, four cheese blend with chips & baked pita.  This dish will have you wanting more.

Wing- jerk Chicken wings.  It definitely had a kick to it.  The spices of the jerk seasoning was okay with my palate.


California Roll-  when ordering, your server will let you know that it is not your ordinary sushi roll you order from a sushi restaurant.  This massive California Roll CAKE — LOL yes I called it CAKE!  A sushi rice cake with cucumber, snow crab, tobiko, avocado fan (I mentioned that I am allergic, but I really waned a photo with the avocado LOL) & wasabi soy sauce.  I’ve seen photos from previous diners and it does not suffice in person!  It is MASSIVE.  When it arrive to my table, it had no chance.  I DUG into it and every bite was worth it.  I definitely will never look at California Roll the same.  Yard House California Roll takes the cake, literally!Coconut Shrimp

Coconut Shrimp- with spicy green papaya salad, sweet chili sauce & thai basil pesto.  I loved the spicy green papaya salad (I would most dKorean Galbiefinitely order extra EXTRA papaya salad on the side, if that’s possible — hell yeah they better make it possible).  The Coconut Shrimp were huge and I think this was one of the best Coconut Shrimp I have ever tasted

Grilled Korean BBQ Beef-  marinated boneless short ribs over jasmine or brown rice with green onions, korean vegetable salads.  The beef was beyond tender.  It was a bit too salty for my palate, but no complaints because I licked the plate clean.  Can you believe this was an appetizer plate?  So now do you believe me when I said Yard House starters and appetizers are like  entrées.

Lettuce WrapsLettuce Wraps- Chicken stirfried, smoked tofu, pine nuts green onions with three dipping sauces.  I’ve tried the Chicken and the Shrimp Lettuce Wraps and both were savory, especially with the sweet and spicy dipping sauce.

As you can see, I enjoyed each and every Snack/Appetizer.  Maybe one day I will give their Entrées a try.  I mean if their Snack/Appetizer portions are huge, I can only imagine the size of the Entrées.

Chicken Wings











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Yard House 1681 Lenox Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139
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